Friday, March 26, 2010

Denison Mines Arizona 1

Recently the Inspectors from the Arizona Mine Inspectors office made a Health & Safety Inspection of Denison’s Arizona 1 mine. The mine is located north of the Grand Canyon and forty five miles from Fredonia Arizona. ASMI Inspectors discovered the underground uranium mine is now fully permitted and began production mid December of 2009. The mine shaft sunk in the mid 80s was closed and made secure, then after twenty years Uranium mining in Arizona makes a comeback. The hoist, shaft and underground were rehabilitated, starting in late 2007 a ventilation and secondary escape way completed in 2008.

The mining method will be a combination of long hole and shrinkage stoping methods in a breccia type deposit. Current production is set for 340 tons per day, four days a week. The ore is trucked 315 miles to the Denison’s White Mesa mill in Utah for processing.

The other Denison properties in Arizona include the Pinenut which was in production during the 80’s and is in care and maintenance awaiting permits. The Canyon was never fully developed and is a secure site. The Kanab North was mined and closed in the 80’s and is now secure. The EZ1 and EZ2 have not been developed.

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