Thursday, October 21, 2010

Accumulation of Combustible Materials and Rock Dust

This PIL provides instruction for enforcement personnel on accumulation of combustible materials and rock dust. An Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for Maintenance of Incombustible Content of Rock Dust was published on September 23, 2010. The ETS was effective upon publication. Each mine operator must comply with the ETS by October 7, 2010, for newly mined areas, and November 22, 2010, for all other areas of the mine. This PIL provides instruction for enforcement personnel for implementing this ETS and taking spot rock dust samples.

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  1. October to January, no posts? Operating your office in secret? The mine closure project just airburst on you, for the GLOVE MINE FIASCO was the last straw in your unauthorized removal of mineral estate and rights by closing The World's Fair Mine and who knows how many other claims? Your interferences with mining claims without public participation, without hearings or cause is intolerable. I DEMAND YOUR RESIGNATION IMMEDIATELY...we will stop any contractors afield starting immediately. Your corruption and loyalty to the cartel is apparent. I accuse you of felony improprieties and abuse of office for private gain. We will not allow the cartels or their corporate partners to take control of resources worth many billions via use of state offices.