Monday, January 24, 2011

MSHA chief pledges continued enforcement, outreach on behalf of nation's miners

ARLINGTON, Va. - Mining fatalities in the United States significantly increased in 2010, following a year marked by the fewest deaths in mining history, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration. Seventy-one miners died on the job last year, compared to 34 in 2009. Forty-eight of those deaths occurred in coal mines, and 23 occurred at metal and nonmetal operations.


  1. Acting as a 'clipping service', re-posting others' work says a lot about what you are NOT doing. What are your DUTIES, Joe Hart? Where have you been, and what are you doing to meet your DAILY obligations as mine inspector? Where are your MINE INSPECTION REPORTS? What have you done for Arizona's small mines lately? Have you even been out of your office, into the field? You corrupt, lazy pretender, QUIT, and get out of the way of the BOOM you ignore. We need a REAL functioning office, not another corporate toady complicit in the economic conspiracy to deny small mines full operation and AZ economic recovery. Incompetence from a political liar is intolerable. Be on notice you are suspected of acting with conflicts of interest and your authority is no longer recognized in our small artisan miners' community. We reserve the right to deny you access.

  2. This 10 yrs Miner (now 2+ years Representative of Miners) has seen the failure of MSHA and FMSHRC-ALJ to uphold Federal Mine Safety Health Act (Public Law 95-164)Miner protective provisions, as evidenced in Pro Se 105C Discrimination case(copies of case related docs available from me 661 242-3000), and audio recording of FMSHRC’s “open meeting” (Docket No. WEST 2006-568-DM) available at: – refer: “October 7th, 2010” – “Audio of Meeting”.